Kelly Brown 
Salsa Instructor

As a dance instructor, choreographer, percussionist and DJ, Kelly has been joyfully sharing the rich traditions of Latin dance—street salsa/mambo, bachata, merengue, cha-cha, rueda de casino—for 25 years. Drawing from lengthy travels and training in the salsa hotspots of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia (and New York and L.A., closer to home), he brings a uniquely musical perspective and decades of experience to every class. Conveying a deep respect and excitement for the dance and the joyful music that moves it, Kelly gently helps new and experienced dancers to hone the skills and attitudes that insinuate dancers into the playful, flowing moment, and the exquisite experience of synergy on the social dance floor. Teaching his unique approach of supportive technique, partner connection, and rhythmical responsiveness at salsa congresses, festivals, parties & corporate events,
Kelly also keeps a regular schedule of ongoing group and private classes, and he is excited to share his love of Latin dance with YOU.

Salsa Lessons & Latin Flavors with Kelly Brown

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