We are Studio 206 and we are excited about dancing to be fit. 

Whether you have always had two left feet and have never taken a dance class before or confess to hours of imitating music videos back in the day, our classes are an excellent way to unwind while getting in some serious cardio, and you will definitely have more fun than on any treadmill!

We are firm believers that music and dance can enrich and change lives. Our motto is "Together We Dance" - because when we dance, we feel connected by a common thread. 

Our hope is that our classes can not only help you reach your fitness goals but also foster amazing friendships with folks from all walks of life who are connected by the desire to dance in a fun atmosphere where only good vibes are allowed!

Owner/founder Nicole Ellis and her team of devoted instructors look forward to getting to know you and sharing their passion with you! We are dedicated to maintaining an uplifting, supportive and motivating environment in which to experience the joyous and transformative magic that is dance.

COme and be a part of our dance community