Cardio D.A.M Fitness

Dance and Movement Fitness

​w/John Delapena

Mondays @ 7pm

John Delapena
D.A.M Instructor

John’s enthusiasm and affection for dance started at an early age.  Training began with modern, then a little bit of jazz, and then into a lot of hip hop.  But his commitment to dance began with Ballroom Dancing. As a professional ballroom dance instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studios, he competed at the national level before he ventured out on his own to further his practice and studies in dance, movement, and health. For the past twenty years, John has brought this passion and devotion to the world of dance, group fitness and personal training. He is certified in a variety of formats, including Zumba® and Pilates, to name a few. His dedication to the life-long journey for better self-care has led to his own improved quality of movement, consequently enhancing his own dance skills in the process.  This on-going quest is the birthplace of The Dance And Movement Project (aka The D.A.M Project.)  

John believes that consistency and trust in muscle memory are essential to body and muscle awareness. His classes are characterized by popular, dance-y tracks and an ability to make his students laugh and bring out their silly (while breaking a sweat.) With unstoppable enthusiasm and a genuine love of life and dance, John’s classes are a testament to the adage that “Attitude is everything.”