Clifton Simmons
Dance Choreography and Dance Fusion Instructor

As a Sacramento, California native, Clifton began dancing in 1990 at the age of eight. All throughout his early education, he found ways to incorporate music into his life: whether it be through singing, dancing, or acting. He was involved with City Kids, an after-school program which further fueled his early passion and involvement in the arts. While continuing to explore his passion for music, Clifton found influence most predominantly through the dance company called jazz and piazzas, in addition to musicians such as Alley, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Debbie Allen.

In 1998, Clifton was given the opportunity to join the dance company Jazz and piazzas that had been so pivotal to his early childhood. Additionally, he was given the honor of becoming visual assemble captain for his high school marching band. All the while, Clifton continue to participate in musicals and other theater productions, as well as seasonal dance performances.

After high school in 2001, Clifton attended Sacramento Jr. college where he acquired and fine-tuned the skills of choreography and ballroom. He collaborated with other local dancers and organized local dance functions until 2008, when he join J Leah modern dance company, based in Elk Grove, California. In 2012, Clifton again added to his echelon of skills by learning the art of heel dancing, all the while continuing to share his love of dance with others by instructing dance fitness classes.

Clifton’s dance style focuses on building strength and endurance as well as celebrating culture through the implementation of all varieties of dance.  

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