Jess Sweeney 
Hula Hoop Dance Flow Instructor 

Jess began teaching dance in 2011 at Spinderella Studios after spending a couple of years taking every class the studio had to offer. She first picked up a hula hoop as an adult after a friend got one on vacation. It was love at first spin. It was fun, low-impact yet heart-pounding exercise. And incredibly, this new form of movement helped to rehabilitate an old shoulder injury caused by aerial arts.  Jess needed to share her love of the hoop and the joy it brought her. She has taught & performed with her hoops at Spinderella since 2015. In April 2016, she completed the Hoop Love Coaching training to further her skills. ♥

 The New Series begins on Sun Jan 7th at 11am  This will be a 4 consecutive week hoop dance series. Each week will build on the previous so you can get comfortable moving and dancing with a hula hoop. Classes will focus on off-body and on-body moves, and learning to transition them together into a flow. All students can get individual help throughout class. All fitness levels welcome! 

Hoop Dance Flow

w/Jess Sweeney

Sundays @11am

*Last Day for Hula Hoop will be May  13th!

​$20 Drop in