Jess Sweeney 

Hula Hoop Dance Flow Instructor 

Jess began teaching dance in 2011 at Spinderella Studios after spending a couple of years taking every class the studio had to offer. She first picked up a hula hoop as an adult after a friend got one on vacation. It was love at first spin. It was fun, low-impact yet heart-pounding exercise. And incredibly, this new form of movement helped to rehabilitate an old shoulder injury caused by aerial arts.  Jess needed to share her love of the hoop and the joy it brought her. She has taught & performed with her hoops at Spinderella since 2015. In April 2016, she completed the Hoop Love Coaching training to further her skills. ♥

Dasha Narog 

Zumba Fitness (R) Instructor

​For anyone searching for a fitness routine that is effective and feels virtually effortless (although make no mistake, she WILL make you work it), Dasha offers a safe, fun and entirely addictive way to release your inner diva and burn some calories. Music is key in her classes, and as you feel the beats from around the world you'll forget how hard you're working. Leave your inhibitions at the door and only expect to smile and sweat!

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Dasha is a busy Seattle mother of three and a lover of people who seeks to see and appreciate beauty in the world around her. She is a sought-after instructor and choreographer who has garnered a devoted following since she began teaching just about a year ago.

Kam Butler 

Zumba Fitness Instructor 

Kam's New Year's goal in 2011 was to dance at every opportunity. She found herself in a Zumba class and could not stop smiling. A few months later, she started leading the Zumba party and has been finding the joy in it ever since.

Jennifer Cepeda

Dance Powered Instructor

Raised here in Ft. Lewis, Washington, Jennifer moved to Seattle to study graphic design and has worked in the design and art field ever since. Attracted to all things creative, she found her way to some of the hottest hip-hop dance classes in the state, and began studying and performing hip hop and jazz with an elite Hip-Hop group throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years.

She has taught Cardio hip hop, hip hop and Zumba® classes throughout the Seattle area and developed her own signature dance fitness class in 2015 called Dance Powered. She’s known for creating stylish, approachable fitness choreography with an infectious smile. Her classes are hugely popular in Seattle and draw a variety of dancers together, including dance instructors, professional dancers, avid dance fitness fans, and beginners.

Sasha Jones

​Zumba Fitness (R) Instructor

​Originally from the Bay Area, Sasha has been dancing all her life from technical dance classes to cheerleading to Zumba. She has had the pleasure of teaching Zumba since 2013. Dancing is very therapeutic for her. From working a fast-paced and stressful around the clock job in tech. Teaching dance is a way for her to distress, inspire others and have fun! A one hour Zumba class will give you a fun workout which feels like a party, combined with high-energy and motivating music with unique, yet simple moves.

 When she is not dancing she enjoys trying new wineries, being active, watching and attending sport events (especially the Golden State Warriors & SF Giants), trying new restaurants and hanging out with friends.

Don’t be afraid, come burn some calories and join the party with us! 

Annika Hoogestraat 

Ruby Fitness Instructor 

Annika (AKA Mama Viva) has always been dancing. She has taken her lifetime of exposure and experiences and melded them into her own interpretation of dance fitness. She loves sharing her passion for dance, and celebrates when she feels this connection with others.
The goal for each of her classes is for those involved to leave feeling uplifted, empowered, confident and ready to take on the world with their diva selves. Be prepared to dance hard and big, to flirt, play, sweat and most of all to leave smiling with a bit more swagger.

Meet Your Dance Fitness Team

Allison Axdorff 

The Pound Workout Instructor 

From an early age Allison has had a passion for the combination of music and movement. Growing up in San Diego she expressed this through dance and then cheerleading. Moving to Seattle for a role in Marketing, it felt like her workouts were missing the beat. In 2015 she discovered POUND Rockout Workout as a great way to let loose, get energized, and tone up. As a POUND Pro, she’s excited to share the format with others. Allison’s goal is for everyone to have fun and to make you forget that you’re working out. Come make some noise!

John Delapena

Ballroom Instructor/D.A.M Instructor

John’s enthusiasm and affection for dance started at an early age.  Training began with modern, then a little bit of jazz, and then into a lot of hip hop.  But his commitment to dance began with Ballroom Dancing. As a professional ballroom dance instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studios, he competed at the national level before he ventured out on his own to further his practice and studies in dance, movement, and health. For the past twenty years, John has brought this passion and devotion to the world of dance, group fitness and personal training. He is certified in a variety of formats, including Zumba® and Pilates, to name a few. His dedication to the life-long journey for better self-care has led to his own improved quality of movement, consequently enhancing his own dance skills in the process.  This on-going quest is the birthplace of The Dance And Movement Project (aka The D.A.M Project.)  

John believes that consistency and trust in muscle memory are essential to body and muscle awareness. His classes are characterized by popular, dance-y tracks and an ability to make his students laugh and bring out their silly (while breaking a sweat.) With unstoppable enthusiasm and a genuine love of life and dance, John’s classes are a testament to the adage that “Attitude is everything.”

Tricia Diamond

Twerkshop AfroBeatz Instructor

Born and raised in Los Angeles and New Orleans, Tricia was exposed to dance and music at an early age. She grew up in a family who worked with and were luminaries in the entertainment industry.  She grew up around dance and music from as far she can remember from the age of 3 playing violin, dancing Zulu, Mapouka African dance styles and tap from and with her family. She later trained in tap, jazz, and ballet while continuing African traditional and African Diaspora dance styles. Tricia moved to Europe to attend college, studying Aerospace Engineering, Math and English completing her Bachelors and Masters, teaching tap, Zulu and Mapouka traveling and dancing her way throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Africa, as well as choreographing parades and dancing at European music festivals. She then taught high school and college math and English in the Netherlands, returning home to the United States in 2008 where she continued working as a high school educator but also began teaching dance fitness (Zumba) classes while continuing to dance Mapouka and twerk styles from New Orleans. She loves teaching Boss Chick Dance Workout, as well as Dance Hall, Afro Beats, Zulu and Mapouka.  
Tricia is passionate about dance and music throughout the diaspora! 

Nicole Ellis

Owner/Dance & Dance Fitness Instructor 

Growing up as a dancer provided Nicole with a great passion for movement from an early age.  Throughout the past 20 + years, she has studied and performed in many dance styles including  Jazz, Hip-Hop, Hula, Tahitian, Salsa and Bachata. Nicole is very well-rounded in dance and dance fitness and believes it  is the best form of movement for the soul and body.

Nicole made her debut in dance fitness by becoming a Zumba(R) Fitness Instructor in 2012.  Since then she has gone on to teaching other formats of dance fitness.  She is also in the process of creating her own dance fitness line.  Her classes are high impact, high energy, and exhilarating. She likes her classes to embrace sassy, sexy, and strong.  Come  check out her class - it's for  anyone who loves to dance, sweat, and most of all have fun.   

*  I am so excited to open Studio 206! It has been a dream of mine for many years.  I look forward to dancing with you! Great dancers are not great because of their technique - they are great because of their passion (Martha Graham).