Isaiah Rashaad



"Dance is My Freedom"

" Movement is My Lifestyle"

​​Desired by some of the most accomplished entertainers in music and television, Seattle Native Isaiah Rashaad, has inspired many who follow him, through his unique ability to express and emote movement.

At the age of 2 years old, he began dancing around the house and expressing himself creatively and artistically. Learning from the hottest videos through the television and putting on living room talent shows he began to discover his undeniable talent as a visionary and a performer. Although he didn’t have the means of formal training, it did not stop his passion or drive to dive into the art of dance. Over the years he began taking his talents from his bedroom and window reflections to dancing in school talent shows, local community centers and community events. He always found himself entertaining a crowd who enjoyed his natural ability to be expressive and emote movements with such fearlessness, power, energy and confidence at such a young age.

Moving forward at the age of 11, he dove into other talents playing various sports and taking up Martial Arts, which later led him to participate in an annual karate talent show at his dojo. It was this performance that presented the life changing opportunity for his career as an entertainer. Little did he know his performance to the hit R&B group B2k single “UH HUH”, would be the pivotal moment that his passion, admiration and love for the art of dance, would be discovered. It was suggested by his sensei that he train somewhere where people shared that very same talent, drive and passion thus leading him to Westlake Dance Studio in Seattle, WA. He trained in all styles working with Daniel Cruz, Kenny Harlow, Robert Luu, and Kari-Lee Flourintine to name a few.

Soon there after, he was also involved in afterschool activities diving deeper into different interests. He and his close friends started a dance group Point.Blank in which he co-choreographed and danced in. From talent shows, to summer festivals and fall concerts, Point Blank began to dominate each stage they performed on. So much that in the year 2003, Point Blank was casted to take part in the Apollo (Live at the Apollo “ON TOUR”) as it came to Seattle to look for local talent to take back to New York City where they would have a chance to perform live on their stage. Although Point Blank did not win this competition, they had the opportunity to share the stage with other big known Seattle Talents like Massive Monkeys (Winners and local breaking crew) and Leah Labelle (American Idol Season 3). From there he realized this was exactly what he wanted to do. He was also involved in community choir, various plays and productions allowing him to combine all of his talents into one. He was also involved in the Shades of Unity (GOSPEL CHOIR), The Black Nativity, Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Summer Musicals “The Wiz” (2003), and “Beauty and the Beast“ (2004) to name a few.

Alongside singing and acting, Isaiah started branding himself and ventured into choreographing for other local groups and half time shows for the Seattle Super Sonics Basketball team. In 2005 he was then discovered at the Monster’s of Hip-Hop Convention, where he was able to land the opportunity of a lifetime to sign with MSA agency in Los Angeles, CA as a commercial dancer.

In 2009 Isaiah moved to Los Angeles to pursue his aspirations. Since then, Isaiah has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as: Rihanna (X-Factor), Kelly Rowland (Commander MV), Chris Brown and Justin Bieber (Next to You MV dancer), Soulja Boy, Monica, Eminem and Kanye West (MTV Video Music Awards) and a New Now Next Awards for Logo TV as a visual arts dancer. He can also be seen on Oprah’s OWN Network on the television series “Real Life The Musical” (Love Will Never Do Without You) episode and alongside Vivica A. Fox in “Haitian Nights” as a ritual dancer. He also did commercial work for Nature Farms Vitamins, which also led to print model campaigns in Asia. 

He has trained under some of the most elite choreographers in the Industry, Tina Landon (Janet Jackson), Tanisha Scott (Rihanna), Rich and Tone Taluega (Chris Brown), Kevin Maher (Justin Beiber), Phlex (Britney Spears) and Isaac Tee (Heavy Impact) Derrell Bullock (Madonna) just to name a few.

Soon after X-Factor with Rihanna in 2011 he was then presented with the opportunity to work overseas as a choreographer and dancer for one of China’s top cover artist Eliza. For 3 years he was the artistic director, choreographer and dancer for their ongoing tour around various venues in China. 

Isaiah currently is working in Shanghai as the choreographer for Linx Royal Members Club Shanghai, Ubisoft Just Dance, Nike, GH5 DANCE STUDIO, and more various projects. Whether it is choreography designed for the classroom, kids, stage, or events, Isaiah has the ability to see the most abstract creative visions through. His knowledge for movement quality, story telling, emoting, vision and connection with music has kept him desired by so many of those that seek to witness his magic. Over the years he has also instilled confidence, performance, artistic value and power through each lesson taught. His genuine spirit, hard working attitude, humility, talent and determination to excel past his own limits, has been fuel for his artistry and creativity.

As Isaiah continues to create and entertain, his talent continues to generate an incredible following of those aspiring to train, learn and work with him. Being a dancer with Asthma, dance has been therapy, his first love, his passion and his will to live. His goal is to empower others just like him to push beyond them selves and make a statement to the world that nothing can hold back your will or desire to create art. In the future he hopes to simply help others find their inner power and allow dance to be a vessel of hope, power, therapy and self-confidence visually, emotionally, and artistically. Dance is his freedom and movement is his lifestyle. He is a living testament to “Anything is Possible”. He is Isaiah Rashaad..

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